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Sergey started his career in Florida in the summer of 2005 after graduating from Full Sail University with the degree in Computer Animation. His first job was in a company called Raydon, specializing in military simulation for United States Army, where his job was to 3D modeled and texture various vehicles to be used in company designed sims. 

Three years later in 2008 he joined a video game industry and began his work for a company called Firebrand Games specializing in Nintendo DS and Wii games. Starting out as Senior 3D Artist he quickly rose through the ranks to Lead role gaining experience of work with people and understanding of software development cycle. Examples of game works are available upon request.

Skip forward two more years and 6 released game titles later that included Nintendo DS versions of Need For Speed and Dirt franchises, he moved to Colorado to work on PC title called Lego Universe MMO being developed NetDevil. It is at that same time Sergey started to take interest in Digital Photography. Unfortunatly, after completion and relsease of the game, the comapny closed their doors forever and Sergey moved on to work on his own business. He started a company called Interactive Idea LLC that concentrated on architectural modeling and rendering as well as product prototyping and 3D printing. His client list included such companies as Disney, Office Max, Bosch and many more. See examples of this work under Professional Work. 

Then, in the fall of 2012 Sergey joined a company called O.C.Tanner in a role of Senior 3D Artist in charge of all 3D renderings for company's emblematic design lines that were being developed in house for company's largest clients. See examples of that work under 3D Jewelry.  Around the same time, Sergey had collaborated his brother and comapny called ___ on the creation of his first mobil app called Lady Gaga Art Pop, released in the fall of 2013. 


Fast forward a few more years, specifically to the spring of 2015, with still working at OCT Sergey started a photography club called Experimental Photography Group with the help of that have been growing exponentially and currently has over thousand members. The group offers opportunities to new and intermediate level photographers to learn and experiment with different photography techniques as well as provide education and guidance. 


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